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Commercial Kitchen Class A GFCI's

Since 2017, National Electric Code 210.8(B), requires Class A (5mA +/- 1) GFCI electrical protection to be installed in conjunction with all cord connected appliances in commercial kitchen environments. North Shore Safety has a wide array of GFCI's that will help you seamlessly comply with these current standards without disrupting your staffs normal operating kitchen environment, while also protecting you and your staff from potential hazardous electrical shock. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you adhere to the current NEC requirements.

image of North Shore Safety GFCI
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter
picture of a mounted 30A ELCI pressed by an operator
Marina Electrical Leakage
image of a retrofit pedestal with North Shore Safety GFCI
Commercial Kitchen Protection
image of a kitchen protected by North Shore Safety GFCI
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