Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a GFCI?
What is a GFCI?
Where is a GFCI Needed?
Why do you need an ELCI?
What is an ELCI?
Where is an ELCI needed?
Should You Get an ELCI?
What is the difference between a GFCI and ELCI?
Which one do you need?
What does a UL listing mean for you?
Who or what is UL?
Different UL Certifications
Why Buy UL Certified Products?
What is the NEC?
Is it Universal?
What Does it Cover?
Why Do I Need to Know NEC Guidelines?
What is the CSA?
Who Needs CSA Approval?
Different CSA Marks
Why Buy CSA Certified Products?
Class A Protection
What is Class A Protection?
Why do you need it?
Why does UL now require Class A protection?
Should I have Plug-In or Hardwired Appliances?
Which Is Better?
Auto or Manual Reset?
Auto Reset
Manual Reset
Specify to Equipment not a Panel
What is Nuisance Tripping?
What are Common Causes of Nuisance Tripping?
VFDs disrupting GFCIs
What is a VFD?
Why do GFCIs and VFDs have a resistive fit?
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